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Every application has unique requirements regarding system performance and complexity. With PLC & Distributed I/O solutions from Siemens, Kepware and Weidmueller PCC offers our customers an extensive range of controller and I/O options from simple stand-alone applications to advanced distributed, decentralized and fail-safe architectures. Options available include programmable relays, micro PLCs, compact PLCs, PC-based control, PLC/HMI, fail-safe PLC & I/O, OPC servers, high density modular I/O, slice I/O, IP65/67 block/modular I/O, and intrinsically safe I/O.

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Siemens TIA Portal V18 | Straight to the Point

Back in November, Siemens released version 18 of the TIA portal. And just like I did with V17, I just wanted to put a video out there and give my top three highlights of what I see from a functionality perspective in this new version of software. So to get going with that, first of all, WinCC Unified.

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