PCC Robotics is a collaborative robot solution provider serving the Wisconsin and Minnesota manufacturing markets. Our greatest strength is executing projects quickly while providing full knowledge transfer so our customers can take complete ownership of the system.


Why collaborative robots? 

RG2-FT Gripper

Return on Investment

A PCC Robotics machine tending solution is cost effective with a typical ROI of 1 year. Depending on size and the level of integration, a turn-key out the door system ranges from $60K to $90K.


Unlike traditional industrial robot-based solutions, a collaborative robot is extremely flexible and can be repurposed quickly. The whole system can be moved to another machining center on a pallet jack and be up and running a new job within hours.


The Universal-Robots Polyscope programming environment is extremely intuitive and easy to learn. PCC Robotics will write the program for your initial project and conduct a full knowledge transfer with your employees.


Cobots are designed to work in close proximity with human counterparts. Because the speed and force are limited by design along with built-in safety features, the level of safety gating can be reduced, or all together eliminated.


With clear communication and planning up front, a typical installation can be in production within the first day or two.

What is included in a system?

These are the typical components of a machine tending solution.
Machine Tending Collaborative Robot

1. The Machine Base

called the ProFeeder by Easy Robotics, is a highly sturdy but portable structure designed to mount a robot arm, controller, and teach pendant.

2. The Collaborative Robot

manufactured by Universal-Robots (UR), comes in four sizes depending on payload and reach requirements. UR robots are extremely easy to program yet very powerful to handle a large variety of loading and unloading applications. The convenient pallet subprogram makes setting up a job quick and repeatable.

3. The Gripper

manufactured by OnRobot (and others), provides the critical handling of raw material and finished parts. Some applications may benefit from a dual gripper arrangement due to changing part geometry after machining, or to improve overall cycle times. Grippers are available in wide variety of styles and technologies depending on the part handling requirements and proper selection is vitally important to ensure project success.

4. The Automatic Door Controller

SIDOOR manufactured by Siemens, provides an incredibly easy after-market solution for automatically controlling the door on a machining center. This unit features one-button learning mode and built-in safety making it the perfect solution for automating legacy CNC machines.

5. Parts Staging

is where the raw material is positioned for processing. The ProFeeder provides a variety of options for staging parts directly on the base. Additionally, EasyRobotics has a number of other parts staging solutions based on a drawer concept. Parts staging is always a critical component to a successful project.

Why choose PCC Robotics?

Take it from someone like Metal Craft who knows just why our collaborative robots work.

Metal Craft, a Minnesota based manufacturer serving the medical device industry, needed to address labor efficiency in their precision machining area. Collaborative robot automation was the vision and Metal Craft chose PCC Robotics to be their partner. Production started running quickly, and with a significant knowledge transfer, they have truly taken ownership of the system.


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