Serving Midwest manufacturers, PCC Robotics delivers turnkey collaborative robot (cobot) based systems utilizing Universal-Robots as its foundation. These systems are often commissioned in hours/days vs. weeks/months allowing the manufacturer to quickly realize the ROI, which is typically less than 200 days.


Discover the #1 reason why customers invest in collaborative robots.

Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Welding System

Advancing Welding Excellence with Our Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Welding System

Explore the future of welding with our cutting-edge Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Welding System, meticulously designed to elevate precision, efficiency, and productivity in welding.

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Common Justifications

Labor shortage causing unplanned downtime.

Replacement for human operators in dirty, dangerous, and dull operations.

Expand production capabilities with increase quality, consistency, and speed.

Lower operation costs via increased labor efficiency.

System can be easily repurposed to run multiple small or large batch jobs.

Typical Applications

Machine tending – vertical and horizontal mills, lathes, injection molding presses

Secondary operations – drilling, deburring, broaching, routing, engraving

Assembly – screw and nut driving, part fitting, sonic welding

Inspection – testing, vision inspection, measuring

Finishing – sanding, polishing

Dispensing – painting, gluing, sealing

Material Handling – packaging, palletizing, picking, kitting


Success Stories

Rolling with the punches at WST Fab

Getting started with automation in an unpredictable world at WST Fab – Discover how PCC Robotics helped WST Fab get started with automation, including how they applied what they learned to overcome their customer’s changing needs in record time.

Justifying and Implementing Collaborative Robots

PCC Robotics hosted a roundtable discussion with some manufacturers who have completed the process of justification, design, and implementation of a collaborative robot (COBOT) based system. 


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