Siemens G120X video training series PCC


Take your drives knowledge to the next level with this quick 3-part training series!

Siemens SINAMICS G120X Pump and Fan drives are easy to commission and diagnose. Have you used the Free Functions of the SINAMICS G-Series drives? If so, then the Smart Access Module is the Operator Panel for you, especially with the G120X. Watch these three technical videos to get trained on the G120X in under 20 minutes!


Video 1 | Operator Panels

SINAMICS G120X drives are not commissioned and diagnosed in Startdrive for TIA Portal, but instead via an Operator Panel mounted to the drive. Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2) vs Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP-2) vs Smart Access Module (SAM); which one is right for me? This video will show you how to choose.

Video 2 | SAM Quick Commissioning

Commissioning a Pump/Fan drive from outside the enclosure in under 6 minutes can’t be done, can it?? The SINAMICS Smart Access Module (SAM) allows drive commissioning and diagnostics from a distance (outside the enclosure with the door closed, or near the motor itself). Find out more in this quick tutorial.

Video 3 | SAM Free Function Blocks

Configuring Free Functions in SINAMICS G120X drives with Siemens SAM (Smart Access Module) is a pleasant experience compared to configuring using Siemens BOP-2 or IOP-2. In this video we use the graphical interaction of the SAM to configure a Numerical Switch Free Function to switch between two different Analog Inputs (remote vs local control for example) of the drive based on the status of a digital input.

John Pokrandt Applications Engineer and Trainer for G120X


John Pokrandt – Applications Engineer, GCG

John has 26 years in the automation and controls industry as both controls and applications engineer. He has real world experience with PLC, HMI, and motion/drive technologies, and enjoys passing along his knowledge and experience to professionals.

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