Ditch the black box and increase diagnostics!

Wherever fuel is burned – furnaces, ovens, kilns, dryers, boilers and other kinds of facilities – there is burner management system, or BMS in play. The basic nature of these systems with the use of explosive gases and extreme temperatures makes safety paramount. Historically the control systems running these processes have been “black box” solutions that are expensive and tough to troubleshoot. A recent revision to NFPA standards now allows the use of SIL3 capable off the shelf PLCs in place of the black box controllers – significantly reducing costs and increasing uptime through best in class system diagnostics.

BMS Demo with Trident Automation discussion with 3 engineers

Check out this video with PCC and Trident Automation where we discuss and demonstrate Trident FlamePAC© BMS leveraging Siemens failsafe PLC technology.



Trident Automation does one thing: designs process controls in manufacturing environments. A narrow focus means they are experts in one critical, complex area of your business. They provide qualified resources to support your internal team with depth of knowledge and experience. The Trident team has upgraded DCS technology at more than 50 process plants and provided support and engineering for more than 150 businesses since we were founded in 2002.



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