GOAL:  Connect a G120 drive configured with “Telegram 352” to be controlled by the PLC

Items needed:  S7-1200 or S7-1500 PLC and any G120, G120C, or the MM4 series Siemens drives.  You will also need the archived library (G120 Faceplate_V14.zal14) that goes with this paper.  For our example, we will be using an S7-1515F-2PN PLC and a G120 with a CU240E-2PN-F control unit.  I will not be using any safety functionality, so the overall takeaway is the V14 Library of the Telegram 352 Faceplate.  Also included is this application – (S71x00 to g120_1.zap14)

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  • G120 Faceplate_V14.zal14
  • S71x00 to g120_1.zap14