Thank you for attending PCC’s 2019 Oktoberfest – Tap Into Technology!

We appreciate your support of this event and hope you gained new knowledge and a little fun while you attended.  Please find the presentations from all the technical seminars and workshops below.  If you have any event feedback or would like more info, please feel free to contact PCC at or call (262) 251-3000. Thank you for another great year! PROST!

Keynote- Department of Homeland Security – Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure 

S1 – The Future of SIMATIC HMI

S2 – Whats New from Siemens Automation –  PLCs & I/O

S3 – What’s New in HMI / IPC / SCADA 

S4 – Future-Focused Automation for the Digital Enterprise

S5_Cyber Security for Automation Systems

S6 – PIZZATO Machine Safety Seminar

S7 – Softing – How to Commission and Troubleshoot Ethernet and PROFIBUS Networks

S8 – Got 10 Seconds?? See what used to take 10 years to master be accomplished in 10 seconds – Tosibox

S9 – LinMot Linear Servo Motors – Electricity vs. Air 

S10 – SyTech – What is Industrial Excel? Reports with the least amount of effort and $$$

S11 – Leuze Electronic Machine Safety Seminar

S12 -Meltric

S13 – Simulate with PLCSim and HMI Simulator

S14 – Siemens HMI – Did you know you could do this?

S15 – TIA Portal 1200/1500 PLC Advanced Topics

S16 – Take your HMI to the next level with Advanced Faceplates

S17 – Programming with Structured Control Language (SCL) in TIA Portal with S7-1200/1500

S18 – Is your plant or machine vulnerable to Cyber Attack? What can you do minimize your risk?

S19 – Cleaning up your Power System – How Harmonics and Distortions are Affecting your Facility.

S21 – What’s New in Siemens Industrial Control

S22 – Rapid Multi-Axis Motion Development with Siemens Libraries

S23 – Advanced Motion Control with Starter: Efficient, Flexible, Scalable

S25 – What’s New with Siemens Motion Control

W2 – Motor Control Fundamentals SIPEC Workshop

W4 – S7 1200F Safety Workshop

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