Collaborative Robot Bases & Platforms

PCC offers a variety of Cobot bases and platforms in varying sizes and configurations from Easy Robotics’ ProFeeder.  Although any type of Cobot can be mounted on it, the ProFeeder was specifically designed with the Universal Robot in mind.

EasyRobotics Profeeder modular robot cell program

ProFeeder Table

Makes it fast and flexible to get started with robot automation.
Table for mounting of all types of clamping equipment for demonstration purpose.

ProFeeder Light

The ProFeeder Light robot cell consists of a basic module with 1 flexible manual removable parts tray designed for handling all types of parts.

The ProFeeder

The robot cell consists of 1 basic module, 2 movers with 2 flexible part trays. The part trays are automatically centered, and are designed to accommodate all part types.

ProFeeder Q

ProFeeder Q is expanded with a change module that automatically switches the trays with the parts to be processed. The capacity is increased from 1 to 4 parts trays per mover.

EasyRobotics ER5 mobile Cobot platform

ER5 mobile

ER5 mobile cobot platform is a compact mobile workstation for a safe collaboration with robot arms. ER5 is used in fully or partly automated production environments which demand enhanced flexibility and fast integration.

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