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What are cord grips?

Cord grips are used to pass a cord or cable into an enclosure, through a bulkhead or into a control device like a switch. They seal an electrical connection from dirt, oil, moisture, dust and other contaminants—and can be used in dry or wet applications. Cord grips are used in industrial and commercial settings to control arc of bend or prevent cables from being pulled out of a system.

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Siemens HMI Video Training Series

Watch the PCC Siemens HMI Video Training Series to jumpstart your Siemens HMI development projects. The video series starts with creating your first project, progresses through common HMI development tasks and ends with deployment options. For more in depth learning checkout our regularly scheduled HMI classes.

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Application Note: Industrial Machinery and Surge Protective Devices

The requirement is in Article 670.6 and reads: “Industrial machinery with safety interlock circuits shall have surge protection installed.” This application note will examine the code requirements and definitions. It is intended to help engineers at machinery builders and the associated control panel builders understand the requirements and make recommendations to them in implementation.

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Socomec’s Meter Selector

Find the best DIRIS Digiware configuration! The Socomec Meter Selector is your digital assistant, helping you find the best DIRIS Digiware configuration for your energy performance projects, and all in just a few clicks! Fill in information regarding your...

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