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Factory Automation Virtual Tour 2022

Wednesday May 18th  – All Day Event

Welcome to the future of the Smart Factory
Smart factories, smart data, smart manufacturing – the connected factory provides valuable data for manufacturers to make intelligent decisions and respond rapidly to changes in the market. Explore all aspects of factory automation – from the hardware and software that drive it, the newest technologies, and fully-integrated solutions – that can transform your operations to win in this highly competitive marketplace.

Join us for a full day of:

  • Interactive, live panel discussions
  • Keynote speakers
  • Virtual showrooms
  • Live chat with experts
  • Product & technical sessions

To benefit from:

  • Modern technologies to create and scale a hyper-flexible, self-adapting manufacturing capacity
  • Shortened time to market with an all-in-one engineering solution
  • Gains in efficiency, quality, and profitability by delivering the right data to the right place at the right time
  • Using predictive analytics to make informed decisions, forecast demand, and prevent downtime
  • Protecting data from cyberattacks from factory-to-field to the cloud

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