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TPC Wire & Cable

TPC delivers value to its customers by providing innovative and abuse-resistant wire and cable solutions. For over four decades, we have been a leading industrial supplier of ruggedized, high-performance solutions designed to withstand abuse from impact, abrasion, continuous flexing, caustic chemicals, and extreme temperatures for a wide range of industries.

Our customers avoid unplanned downtime by using high-quality, high-performance wire and cable products that won’t need constant replacement from damage or wear.

We work closely with our customers to provide specific MRO and OEM supply chain solutions, including custom-designed wire and cable products and in-house engineering expertise. We can tackle your toughest application challenges to create a customized solution perfect for you.

Products Offered:
Wire & Cable, Wire & Cable Accessories, Cord Sets, Power Assemblies, Engineered Services & Solutions, OEM Applications.