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With one of the largest and most diverse lines of cable connectors, cord grips and cable glands, Remke Industries has been focused on manufacturing top-quality electrical connectors, all made in the USA for over 50 years. No matter your requirements, environment or application, they have you covered with a vast inventory of connectors ready to ship all over the country.

Remke’s Wire Mesh Grips provide extra strain relief to cable connections for safer, more reliable installations. Designed to provide permanent cable support without loosening their hold, Remke’s grips are built to perform.

Their molded connectors, cordsets and cable assemblies are manufactured for easier installation, maintenance and reliability to keep your costs low and production up. They are commonly used as sensor connectors and in control devices where easy change-out is needed. As the demand grows for greater levels of circuit integrity and production uptime, so does the need for molded cable assemblies with pin-connectors.

Remke Today and Tomorrow… bringing you industrial-strength electrical connectors with personalized service, order flexibility and custom solutions.

Products Offered:
Cable Connectors, Cord Grips, Cable Glands, Wire Mesh Grips and Molded Cordsets

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