The Optimal Allen-Bradley MicroLogix™ 1000/1500 Upgrade Plan

The typical approach to replacing an obsolete Allen-Bradley MicroLogix™ 1000/1500 is with Allen Bradley products.

We would like to present a better solution.

Allen-Bradley MicroLogix™ 1000

Siemens S7-1200

Why pay more for less?

Rather than migrating to a higher priced CompactLogix™, consider Siemens.

In most cases the Siemens S7-1200 has all the power and performance required to meet the requirements of an application running on an Allen-Bradley SLC™ 500, MicroLogix™ or CompactLogix™.

Save time and lower costs

The Siemens TIA Portal programing environment is truly superior in its ability to save time and lower costs through all phases of an assets life cycle; from design and commissioning to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. So why compromise and pay more for less?

No-Charge RSLogix™ 500 to Siemens TIA Portal Code Conversion

Siemens with the support of PCC offers a free code conversion service from RSLogix™ 500 to Siemens TIA Portal.


The Siemens no-charge code conversion services ensure the protection of your assets while upgrading you to the state-of-the-art TIA Portal that retains your current structures and naming conventions, allowing for familiarity from the start. This will allow you to meet the challenges of future automation architectures.

Want to learn more?

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