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Wherever a secure connection of machinery and equipment is required, the icotek cable management and cable entry systems are the best solution. Even in applications where extreme contamination by water, dust, vibration or extreme temperatures occur, icotek provides robust and reliable solutions.

With their completely split KEL cable entry systems, preassembled cables with diameters from 2 – 75 mm can be routed quickly and securely. The split cable glands KVT and QVT have the same split design and are quickly assembled. These products perfectly provide cable management and routing solutions for prefabricated cables with e.g. D-Sub or PROFIBUS connectors.

The compact cable entry plates KEL-DPU, KEL-DPZ and KEL-DP are ideal for routing standard cables without connectors from 1.5 to 22 mm in diameter with minimum space requirements. High certified sealing rates up to IP68 / NEMA type 4X are achieved.  For applications with lower ingress protection requirements icotek offers brush plates and brush strips for cable pass-through with brush seal.

For a secure and structured cable routing and strain relief of electrical lines icotek offers several strain relief plates for various mounting methods.

icotek also provides innovative solutions for EMC / EMI cable grounding applications. The icotek SKL shield clamps are made for reliable and effective grounding of high frequency interferences and allow safe operation of machinery and equipment.  Useful control panel accessories round up the product portfolio.


Products Offered:
Cable Entry Systems, Compact Cable Entry Plates, Brush Plates, Brush Strips, Strain Relief Plates and Shield Clamps