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In the 1990s, Grace was challenged to find a better way of safely accessing an electrical panel at a John Deere facility. The team at Grace created a solution for thru-door access, which birthed the GracePort® — a fully customizable convenience data port that allows access to live control cabinets through closed doors. It was the first product that Grace developed that keeps voltage away from workers

GracePorts® are a foundational tool many facilities use across the globe to keep people away from voltage. GracePorts® are fully customized communication ports that allow workers to access control panels easily through closed doors.

Their SafeSide® brand includes Permanent Electrical Safety Devices like voltage indicators, voltage portals and combo units. All of these are tools that allow for maintenance and/or inspection safely from outside the electrical cabinet.

Products Offered:
Graceport® Communication Ports and Safeside® Voltage Indicators & Portals