Arbor Solution


EXM hosts a selection of more than 29,000 standard products some of which are unparalleled in the industry, namely the 5412 ES and 5412 ESCH series. Pioneer in enclosure design, EXM offers an innovative externally mounted ΒΌ turn locking mechanism. The products are made with the utmost quality and workmanship, following ISO 9001:2008 standard.

EXM has also specialized in custom enclosures for over 40 years. They provide you and your projects with quality enclosures tailored to your specifications on time and all custom orders are produced as originals instead of modified standards.

As well as being an innovator in the field of enclosures EXM sets itself apart from the competition by offering BOXCAD, an online service that allows users to design their own custom enclosure within EXM’s product series. BOXCAD is simple and easy to use, shortens lead times and gives the power to the customer to make revisions to BOXCAD configurations.

Products Offered:
Enclosures, Modular Cabinets, Consoles, Free Standing Cabinets, Wire Way, Distribution Cabinets, Disconnects and Environmental Control

EXM Enclosure