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For over 30 years the di-soric corporate group is specialized in the development and production of sensors for industrial automation. Thanks to continuous innovations a vast product range is available, which is completed by high-value LED-lightings, machine vision and ID systems. The family owned company currently employs over 200 members of staff.

Our customers include small and medium sized companies as well as international groups and numerous car manufacturers. International sales is handled by our own highly-qualified employees and capable distributors. Close customer contact and continuous market analysis allow us to identify and implement new or changed product standards immediately. Customized devices are another particular strength of our production department.

Products Offered: 

Photoelectric & Laser Sensors, Color & Contrast Sensors, Fork, Angled, Frame & Ring Barriers, Level Probes, Inclination Sensors, Contact Sensors, Label Sensors, Radar/Movement Sensors, Machine Vision Lights and Machine Lighting



download Di-Soric I O Link brochure from PCC

IO-Link from Di-Soric

IO-Link provides a point-to-point connection within any network, fieldbus or backplane bus. The IO-Link master can be installed either directly in the field or in the control cabinet. Any sensor, actuator or even a combination of the two can be an IO-Link device. This device is connected to the IO-Link master by a standard connecting cable up to 20 m long. The IO-Link device communicates with the IO-Link master using a driver file (the IODD – IO-Link Device Description) and can send and receive signals (binary switch signals or analog signals). The IO-Link digitizes these signals directly so that they can be transferred virtually free of interference. The international IO-Link standard (in accordance with IEC 61131-9)

IO-Link Products Offered: 

OpticalUltrasonicCapacitiveLabel & Profile Sensors, RGB Light Bars, Signal Towers, Signal Lights