Thank you for attending Siemens / PCC’s 2021 Oktoberfest – Tap Into Technology!

We appreciate your support of this event and hope you gained new knowledge and had a little fun while you attended. Please find the presentations from the technical seminars and workshops below. If you have any event feedback or would like more information, please feel free to contact PCC at or call (262) 251-3000. Thank you for another great year!

Siemens Automation Portfolio | S1
What's New From Siemens: Factory Automation Innovations 2021 | S2 & S3
TIA Portal Source Code Management – backup, compare, merge, and maintain your programs | S4
TIA Portal Advanced Topics - V17 Features, Advanced Code Block Handling & PLC Displays | S5
TIA Portal Advanced Topics - Online Data Block Handling and Recent Innovative Functional Enhancements | S6
Intro to WinCC Unified System, the next generation Siemens HMI hardware and software in TIA Portal | S7
Programming with Structured Control Language (SCL) in TIA Portal with S7-1200/1500 | S8
Universal Connectivity features with Siemens 1200/1500 PLC’s | S9
Simulate with PLCSim and HMI Simulator in TIA Portal | S10
What’s new with Siemens—Circuit Protection and Controls | S13
Optimizing Your Siemens S120 System with Niche Electromechanical Solutions | S16
Will Technology Products Make Your Company Successful? | S17
SINAMICS G115D - Overview: Exploring Siemens Solutions For Conveyor & Material Handling Applications | S18
SINAMICS G120X - Your Infrastructure Fan & Pump Drive that is Ready - Set - Go | S19
New Way of Motion (S7-1500T & SINAMICS 210 Drives) | W3 & W4