PCC is your Wisconsin source for IO-Link technologies and expertise. With our wide array of manufacturers and products we can help you implement a complete IO-Link system. Featuring connectivity to Siemens and Rockwell, our manufacturers masters are easy to configure and cost effective. In addition to all of the sensors we can provide, the I’s in IO-Link, we also have motor starters and LED lights for the ‘O’ side of the system. In addition to the obvious ease of wiring, use IO-Link to easily connect your machine to create a true Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system.

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IO-Link Overview

IO-Link is a serial, bi-directional point-to-point connection for signal transmission and power supply under any network, fieldbus, or backplane bus. IO-Link is the first IO technology for communicating with sensors and actuators to be adopted as an international standard as described in IEC 61131-9. This technology enables the cyclic exchange of digital input and output process data as well as the acyclic exchange of parameter and diagnostic data between a master and its associated devices. A master is coupled to higher-level systems such as a fieldbus, industrial Ethernet, or even directly to MES, ERP, or cloud-based systems.


There are five basic elements in an IO-Link installation:


  1. IO-Link devices
  2. IO-Link masters
  3. Unshielded cables
  4. IODD files
  5. Engineering tool

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IO-Link Device_pcc landing page

The communicating field device, such as a sensor, switchgear, valve terminal, RFID device, or signal lamp

IO-Link Master_pcc landing page

Represents the gateway between an IO-Link device and the higher-level communication system such as a fieldbus or a device-specific backplane

unshielded standard cable_pcc landing page

The standard connection between IO-Link master and device

IODD File_pcc landing page

An electronic device description – the IODD file (IO Device Description) – is available for each device. The IODD stores a variety of information for system integration.

IO Link Configuration Tool_pcc landing page

Used for project engineering and parameterization of the IO-Link system and associated devices

Featured Vendors

Carlo Gavazzi logo for io link landing page

Capacitive, Inductive & Photoelectric Sensors, Masters, Handheld Configurator

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disoric logo for io link landing page

Optical, Ultrasonic, Capacitive, Label & Profile Sensors, RGB Light Bars, Signal Towers, Signal Lights

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led2work logo for io link landing page

RGB Light Bars

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leuze logo for io link landing page

 Photoelectric, Contrast, Optical Distance, Measuring, Ultrasonic, & Capacitive Sensors, Masters

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microsonic logo for io link landing page

Ultrasonic Sensors

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molex logo for io link landing page

Inductive & Photoelectric Sensors

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pizzato logo for io link landing page

 Control Devices with LEDs

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Siemens logo for io link landing page

Masters, Signal Towers, Key Switches, Monitoring Relays, Motor Starters, Remote Modules, RFID Readers, Level & Flow Meters

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TR Electronic logo for io link landing page

 Absolute Encoders, Laser Distance Sensors

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Masters, Load Monitoring Systems

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