Leuze’s safety radar products can detect the entrance and presence of people in dangerous areas and stop machinery from restarting until the area is free of people, all while the environment has the presence of dust, debris, smoke, sprays and/or dirt. The sensors can work at high sensitivity and can even detect the micro-movements of a person breathing to prevent accidental machine restart. This radar intrinsically reads the space in 3D, providing volumetric coverage of the dangerous area.

The sensor parameters can be configured in real-time, allowing a dynamic modification of the detection zone. This feature makes them perfect solutions for mobile robotic applications.

Utilizing PROFISAFE on PROFINET allows the Leuze Smart Sensors to exchange safety data, such as the position of the target, in real time with the machinery’s PLC. This allows an effective integration with the machinery’s control system. With response times lower than 100 ms, you can save space and reduce the area required to stop the machinery.

The Leuze Safety Radar systems are composed of a control unit and up to six smart radar sensors: high flexibility, from simple to complex scenarios. Configuring the system is quick and easy, thanks to the user-friendly configuration software. Guided validation procedures and the simple generation of the configuration report complete each installation.