Introducing the most powerful HMI on the market today…and it’s available!*

The Weintek cMT X series features a high-performance CPU, essential UI elements, 300+ PLC communication protocols, VNC monitoring, diagnostic tools, web interface, and Weincloud remote access for essential needs of industrial automation. Includes enhanced features for smart applications with multimedia support (IP/USB CAM, video playback), centralized authentication (LDAP), multiple ways of monitoring (WebView/cMT Viewer), and JavaScript support. The Advanced models also excels in cross-platform data integration with sophisticated features such as a PLC Web Browser, SQL database connection, and OPC UA Server.

*Lead times from in-stock to 4 weeks as of this posting


Watch the video and answer the quiz correctly to be entered for a chance to win a La Crosse Technology Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring Color Weather Station. The La Crosse® Technology Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring Color Weather Station provides a vast array of weather data on a bright LCD screen and features Wi-Fi® that allows you to connect to the free La Crosse View™ app. The screen shows indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, dynamic forecast icons, outdoor trend indicators, daily high/low outdoor temperature records, and more. Connect to the app to view and track weather history with graphs, share weather information, set customized alerts, and more.

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