Safety mats have been around for a long time and traditionally need to be replaced regularly. The main knock on them is that they fail frequently. Poor quality, improper application and cheap products are to blame and the technology is sometimes considered old and outdated with newer safety products on the market that can protect many of the same areas. However, there are still plenty of spots a safety mat is a better option and they are still widely used. When PCC consulted with a risk assessment company on our safety portfolio, we were missing safety mats. I asked for a recommendation of what manufacturer to look at and this risk assessment company highly recommended Larco. They stated that their customers have been extremely happy with Larco because they rarely need to replace them. For more than 50 years, the Larco brand of safety mats has focused on developing and producing the most reliable and durable safety mats on the market. How tough are they? Well per their website, they claim that you can drive a forklift over them without damaging the inside components and if you didn’t know, forklifts are one of the main reasons for safety mat failures. They have over 50 standard sizes and can pretty much do any custom size you could need.

  • Impact resistant – can withstand up to 3000 psi
  • Very sensitive – only takes 5-10 pounds to activate them
  • Submersible
  • Several different ramp and trim extrusions for securing it
  • Available as standard, Comfort Step (reduces worker fatigue), and Sure Step (added slip protection)
  • Made in the USA and with a 4 year warranty


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