With the Helmholz PN – Ethernet/IP Coupler, a simple and uncomplicated connection of a PROFINET machine to an Ethernet/IP machine is possible. The PN – Ethernet/IP Coupler allows data transmission between a PROFINET controller and an EtherNet/IP PLC.

Received input data on one side of the network are made available as output data on the other side of the network to the PLC. The I/O data exchange takes place live and as fast as possible without additional handling blocks. The maximum size of the transferable I/O data is 1024 bytes. Up to 3 input and 3 output assemblies can be configured on the Ethernet/IP network side. Up to 300 slots are available for I/O modules.

The integration into the PLC engineering tool is made possible by a GSDML file, meaning an extra configuration software is not necessary. The configuration of the I/O data to be exchanged is performed in the PROFINET engineering tool. An EDS file matching the configuration can then be downloaded from the website of the Helmholz PN – Ethernet/IP Coupler and used to configure the Ethernet/IP PLC.

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