Rollon Compact Rail is a linear system consisting of steel linear rails with induction hardened raceways and high precision radial ball bearing sliders, also made of hardened steel. Thanks to their self-aligning capabilities, Compact Rail linear guides simplify the project, improve the performance and reduce the overall cost of application. Compact Rail linear guides are easy to install on all types of surfaces, including non-machined ones.

Compact Rail linear guides feature a robust steel slider with ball bearings, self-centering heads with wipers, longitudinal seals to protect the internal components and a top sealing strip. The slider body is accurately finished with matte longitudinal edge chamfer and a shining ground flat surface. The slider heads are equipped with special slow release felt pads and are free to rotate with respect to the slider body, so that the felts are always in contact with the raceways to ensure optimal lubrication. The felts can be greased through a dedicated oil refilling access on the front of the head, simply by means of a syringe oiler.

The raceways are contained in the C-profile and are therefore protected from contaminants. In addition, the seals on the slider and the different anticorrosion treatments available make Compact Rail linear guides reliable even in the harsher environments.


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