SV160E2 Networked Series Integrated Servo Motor + Controller + Drive

AMCI releases the SV160E2 Integrated Servo Motor, expanding their line of motion controllers beyond stepper technology.  The SV160E2 incorporates a servo motor, drive, and controller in a single unit.  AMCI’s SV160E2 Integrated Servo Motor offers many sophisticated features and the compact design eliminates the need to purchase a multiple components because they are all built-in.  AMCI’s SV160E2 Integrated Servo Motor is ideal for both new machinery and retrofit applications.


  • Servo Motor + Drive + Indexer integrated for optimum performance
  • Dual-port networking offers offers DLR for EtherNet/IP & MRP for Profinet
  • Multi-protocol – EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, & Profinet networks built-in
  • Programs using your host controller’s software – nothing new to learn!
  • Space saving design simplifies installation with reduced wiring
  • IP50 rated