A solid state relay (SSR) is an electronic device that switches loads on or off when an external voltage or signal is applied to its control terminals. The lack of moving parts in an SSR allows it to switch much faster than electromechanical relays while avoiding the creation of electrical arcs. Solid state relays are also silent, so users won’t be subjected to the annoying noise associated with electromechanical relays. Furthermore, because SSRs have no moving parts or contacts that can wear out, they last much longer and require less maintenance than electromechanical relays.

SSRs are used in a wide variety of applications where quick, silent switching is advantageous. Some of these industries include: plastics/rubber, food and beverage, processing, packaging, HVAC, semiconductor, oil/gas, transportation, conveyors, power or energy systems, printing, laboratory, kiln/ oven, lighting, medical/pharmaceutical, and motion control. Carlo Gavazzi has developed a  “TechTip” to help you discover some beneficial technical tips on selecting the best monitoring device for your machinery.