Our vendors are excited to visit with you at this year’s Oktoberfest. Get to know them a little more below and get a preview into what they are showcasing this year!

Learn more about Helmholz and visit Bastian at PCC’s Oktoberfest. Helmholz will be showcasing many products including their Profinet and Ethernet Switches, and Industrial Ethernet and Profinet Connectors with the superior wiring technology, Easy Connect!

Aplex Technology’s David takes you on an adventure to Mona Lake in CA where he is on the hunt to catch Nemo. Stop by Aplex’s booth at PCC’s Oktoberfest to see Nemo and Aplex’s featured IP66 an IP69 rated products.

Be sure to stop by TR Electronic’s booth and learn more about their rotary and linear technologies. Also, thank them for the AWESOME Oktoberfest steins they sponsor! 

Come visit DMC at PCC’s 2019 Oktoberfest. Visit their DrinkBot at the booth and be sure to register for one of their seminars! “Rapid Multi-Axis Motion Development with Siemens Libraries” and “Advanced Motion Control with Starter: Efficient, Flexible, Scalable.”

Be sure to visit the Siemens Controls booth and Tech Cafe at this year’s Oktoberfest. Don’t let the Bears jersey deter you! Check out Siemens new IEC offerings, 3VA circuit breaker line and their 3RW5 soft starters.

Bears Packers Siemens Showdown!

Siemens Process Instrumentation will be sharing 3 new products. Stop by to check out the products and get live demonstrations. GO PACK GO!

Stop by Hammond’s booth to learn more about their line of industrial enclosures and their business. Steve is ready to talk industrial enclosures and catch up with you!

Be sure to visit Michael at PCC’s Oktoberfest and learn more about Siemens Real Time Locating System. Michael will be doing live demos of the Siemens RTLS and will cover it’s features and benefits.