The Next Generation of Reports, Forms and Dashboards for Industrial applications.

XLReporter is reporting software that allows reports to be created as Excel workbooks/Sheets, Encrypted PDF’s and Web Pages automatically or on demand.

Reports can be distributed via web portal to share on PC’s or mobile devices.

XLReporter is more than a reporting tool. It also provides a scheduler, data logger, manual entry and powerful analytics capabilities.

XLReporter can connect to a variety of data sources for reporting utilizing a variety of Connectors.

Produce Reports with XLReporter

  • Produce reports automatically or on-demand from the local station and across the network.

Design Templates

  • Design report templates with XLReporter or import one you already use.
  • Every report starts with designing a report template. Use one of the templates provided in the Template Library or design a custom template in the XLReporter Design Studio (available in MIcrosoft Excel).

Data Connectors

  • XLReporter uses data from all the leading PLCs, historians, alarm and batch databases.
  • Support for industry standards such as OPC DA, OPC HDA and OPC UA, business databases such as MSSQL and MySQL and business databases such as ODBC, OLEDB and text files.

Distribute Reports

  • Deliver finished reports to the right person, at the right time, in the right format.
  • Publish reports as Excel workbooks, encrypted PDF, web pages, CSV files and XML files. Distribute them automatically to email, FTP server, local/network printer and file server.
  • Use XLReporter’s web portal to share reports as web pages on PCs or mobile devices.

For more information on the XLReporter, contact your account manager or email us at