With the new KT-M cable grommet from icotek, the built-in plugs and installation jacks are integrated directly into the icotek cable entry strips KEL, KEL-U or KEL-ER.

icotek KT-M Cable Grommet
icotek KT-M Cable Grommet

The KT-M is ideal for interfacing to signal, data, power or hybrid connectors by simply screwing them into the threads of the KT-M. Even hose fittings or pressure compensation elements can be easily screwed to the KT-M.

The grommet KT-M is built on the basis of a large KT cable grommet. In this grommet a polyamide body is integrated. The KT-M is available with inner threads of M12x1.0, M16x1.5, M20x1.5 and M25x1.5. Alternatively, the blind grommet KT-M is available for special solutions. The integrated polyamide body is completely closed on one side. The effective area is 24x24mm, the wall thickness 6mm. Special bores can be made or smaller flange bushes (for example for hybrid device connectors) can be attached.


  • By using KT-M grommets, panel connectors and sockets can be integrated directly into the cable entry system
  • Separate cut-out in the enclosure wall not necessary
  • Space-saving solution
  • Thread sizes M12 – M25 available