Competent support throughout the entire lifecycle provides protection for worker and line alike. Click below to read the whitepaper.

Specific drive control requirements for test stands With an innovative and comprehensive safety technology and product portfolio, as well as competent support services in application engineering and field operations, today’s machine component suppliers must offer substantial advantages — throughout all phases of the product lifecycle. These advantages must apply to the machine builder and end-user of any industry, if there is to be seamless collaboration in this key area of plant operations.

This whitepaper will cover how to help stay in compliance with applicable standards and regulations, maintenance and training protocols, as well as the other steps necessary to build and operate safe machines on the factory floors. Functional safety in machine building is a critical component in market success, while operational integrity of the motion control and automation safety systems represent practical necessities for all companies today. As the founder of our company, Werner von Siemens, observed in 1880, “The prevention of accidents must not be understood as a regulation required by law, but as a precept of human responsibility and economic reason.”