TR Electronic’s  new electronic touch buttons measure the electric field to detect presence of a conductive surface (hand, finger, grounded metals or liquids). As soon as a hand or finger touches the button, presence is detected and the output state is immediately changed. The 100% solid-state design, with no moving parts inside, allows for unlimited operation without any wear. The buttons are not affected by objects which can typically trip an optical sensor, like loose clothing or any type of debris.


Our electronic push buttons are tripped by applied force, and not sensitive to conductive surfaces. This behavior makes them a perfect alternative for push button applications in which conductive liquids could cause a false-trigger. All buttons come with up to two external inputs; which can enable the device or drive the LEDs independently from the internal status of the button.

TR Electronic also offers special hygienic switches for the food industry with stainless material 1.4571, that are resistive against the extremely aggressive cleaning foam used to make machines hygienic clean. When manual cleaning is an issue, the low angle to the surface of 35° helps to avoids dirt residuals.