Industry News: Forklift Computers – August, 2017


JLT Mobile Computers, or JLT for short, will be supplying more than 300 JLT1214N forklift computers to Swire Coca-Cola USA. The leading developer and manufacturing company creates reliable computers that are able operate in demanding environments. The company have started to supply their clients with the computers and the delivery will continue throughout 2017 and into the start of 2018.

Swire Coca-Cola USA is known for being the largest Coca-Cola bottlers found in the United States. The business has recently announced plans to expand their operations in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and northern Idaho. In order to carry out their growth plans, Swire had to improve their inventory system and warehouse operations.

JLT have been supplying forklift computers since 2011 and has been impressed the computers. The systems implemented has helped Swire Coca-Cola to boost their productivity and reliability levels. Going forward with their growth plans, the company believe that they will be able to maintain their excellent customer service and see very minimal disruption passed on to their customers and consumers.

The JLT1214N computers that have been supplied to the Coca-Cola bottlers holds the most up to date logistics computer manufactured by JLT. These computers also offer the lowest total cost of ownership in comparison to a wide range of logistics applications. The durable computer system is incredibly reliable, which means that it is able to be used in a range of tough environments. This computer JLT1214N computer is perfect for use in cold storage rooms, n hot sun, from fixed wall mounts, or attached to vibrating forklifts.

The computer systems that are manufactured JLT deliver the latest logistics computer to offer the best possible solutions to clients. The computer systems are set into a durable casing, meaning that they are perfect for wide ranging industrial use.