Switch-rated Motor Plugs and receptacles  are the safest and most cost effective solution for connecting motors and other electrical equipment because when you buy a Motor Plug and receptacle you are effectively getting a disconnect switch for free. As stated on the device label Motor Plugs and receptacles are UL approved for branch circuit disconnect switching and motor circuit disconnect switching. They are rated to make and break under full load up to 75 horsepower and 200 amps.  Because Motor plugs meet NEC requirements for ‘line of sight’ disconnect switches there is no need to purchase the mechanical interlocks or safety switches that are required when competitive pin and sleeve devices are utilized.

With Motor Plugs installed a technician can quickly change out an existing motor with plug and play simplicity, reducing downtime by as much as 50%. The Motor Plug’s safety shutter maintains a dead front. This eliminates the possibility of access to live parts and simplifies NFPA 70E compliance. Making and breaking electrical connections with UL Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles meets NFPA 70E’s ‘Normal Operation’ definition, so no special protective equipment is required. There is no need to suit up with cumbersome PPE when changing out a motor.

Switch-rated Motor Plugs and receptacles from MELTRIC Corporation use a solid silver nickel butt-contact technology (similar to that used in motor starters) that has a proven track record for safety and reliability. Silver nickel withstands arcs very well and its conductivity in an oxidized state is more than twenty times higher than brass, thus providing lower operating temperatures and longer product life. The butt-contacts are spring-loaded (via a coil spring) to ensure constant pressure and performance over thousands of operations. When the contacts mate they do so with a self-cleaning wiping action, helping to remove deposits from the contact surfaces and thus enabling performance in dusty or dirty conditions.