If you are trying to garner a better understanding of how a PROFINET installation and acceptance into a network works, watch this video from our partner, Softing.

This video provides  the steps required and the tools needed to check the quality of the PROFINET installation.

In this video you will get to know the procedures and tools which are necessary to inspect and document the quality of your Profinet installation.

Learn more about the Softing tools to simplify this:

NetXpert 1400 IE is an all-in-one solution for cable qualification and troubleshooting of active networks. It tests and documents the capability of cabling links to support gigabit ethernet operations.

The application TH SCOPE PC makes data available to users and documents it the monitoring of the network status. It can also be integrated into higher-level visualizations. This supports a smooth operation of the facility as well as targeted time-saving maintenance and repair if necessary.

The TH LINK PROFINET diagnostics tool makes use of a controller-independent access to monitor PROFINET networks. The diagnostic data is collected in networks comprising up to 254 nodes, and made available to users through the TH SCOPE software application. TH LINK PROFINET is easy to use and can be integrated without interfering with the operation of existing installations.