2016 Keynote: “NFPA for Safety’s Sake”

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is an organization that publishes a comprehensive set of codes, standards and guidelines for fire protection, electrical safety and construction safety.  Founded in 1896, the NFPA has published over 300 standards to date.  Mark Cloutier, Senior Electrical Engineer with the NFPA will present an overview of the NFPA, how the process for developing the NFPA codes and standards works and information on the important changes to NFPA 70E, NFPA 79, and the NEC codes.  Time will be available for audience questions regarding the specific NFPA requirements and how to work closer with the NFPA.

See this presentation at PCC’s 2016 Oktoberfest – Tap Into Technology 10-13-16


Mark Cloutier is Senior Electrical Engineer at NFPA, where he is part of the Electrical staff that participates in the development of the National Electrical Code and the National Electrical Code Handbook. He also serves as staff liaison for NFPA 79, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery; NFPA 790, Standard for Competency of Third-Party Field Evaluation Bodies; and NFPA 791, Recommended Practice for Unlabeled Electrical Equipment Evaluation. Mr. Cloutier has been involved in the electrical industry for over 30 years, working as an electrical engineer for the industrial consumer division of a major automatic test equipment company and as an electrical contractor and electrician. He holds electrician licenses in both Massachusetts and Maine, a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Southeastern Massachusetts University, and is a member of IEEE and IAEI. He also represents NFPA on several Underwriters Laboratories (UL) product standards as part of their standards development process.