packaging digest logoPCC and Siemens team up with a Wisconsin manufacturer to improve high-speed milk bottling and capping with Siemens advanced controls. The article is featured in Packaging Digest.


By Ajay Rana in Automation on February 09, 2016

Wisconsin packaging machine builder turns to Siemens for major project involving a world leader for beverage and dairy products; machine handles up to 850 single-serve 180mL bottles per minute

As with many things, this project started with a challenge. In this case, it was a major Original Equipment Manufacturer of filling and capping machinery for pharmaceuticals, beverages, household liquids, chemicals and petroleum products. It is of special note that the OEM has a long-time focus on dairy products.

The company’s liquid level and net-weight filling and capping machines are used worldwide. On a recent job for a customer of 40 years, a global leader in dairy and beverage production, the end user required a high-speed bottling and capping machine. Specifically, it  had to process up to 850 bottles per minute or one bottle every 70ms, leaving a very small margin for any production errors…. READ THE FULL ARTICLE  HERE