helmholz wall ie

The WALL IE easily integrates your machine network into a higher-level production network.  


It allows Network Address Translation (NAT) to be easily configured exposing only the devices you decide should be exposed to the higher lever network all without having to change the IP addresses of the machine devices.


  • Easy Integration of machine networks into the higher-level plant network
  • Bridge functionality for identical IP address ranges to allow packet filtering
  • NAT: Basic NAT, NAPT, port forwarding
  • Access restriction through packet filters: IPV4 addresses, protocol (TCP/UDP), ports, MAC addresses (in development), Ethertypes (in development)
  • Fast and easy configuration through a responsive web interface
  • Static routes to other networks
  • Reporting of incidents to a Syslog server
  • Industrial design for installation on DIN rails using 24VDC

Protect & Connect Industrial Networks