Siemens simocode pro

SIMOCODE pro is the flexible and modular motor control system for low-voltage motors. It can easily and directly be connected to automation systems via PROFIBUS or PROFINET and covers all functional requirements between the motor starter and the automation system – including the fail-safe disconnection of motors. Further, SIMOCODE pro combines in just one compact system all required protection, monitoring, safety and control functions. The motor management system thus helps you to increase the process control quality and reduce costs at the same time – from planning through installation right to operation or service of a plant or system.

SIMOCODE pro Safety
Due to new requirements and regulations in safety technology, the fail-safe disconnection of motors becomes more and more important. With the new SIMOCODE pro Safety fail-safe expansion modules for the SIMOCODE pro solution – safety technology becomes an integrated part of your motor control system. Protect humans, machines and the environment – without additional wiring efforts, but with extensive diagnostic possibilities. Siemens is setting standards with the realization of this trend.