Hellermanntyton Pro-Duct Wiring Duct

HellermannTyton’s selection of wire management products allow users to neatly and efficiently manage wire and cable in many different ways. HellermannTyton’s Pro-Duct wiring duct is manufactured from high impact, rigid PVC. Pro-Duct comes in a variety of styles including solid, slotted and high density slotted.

Available in over 28 sizes, Pro-Duct is available in standard colors of white, gray and black in 6 foot lengths. Blue wiring duct is also available in a variety of standard sizes.

Pro-Duct Features:

  • Smooth edges protect installer and wires from abrasion.
  • Cover is flush with the side of the duct for increased wire capacity. It also allows for tight, side-by-side placement.
  • No cover slippage. The covers are provided with a non-slip plastic lining. This ensures that the covers remain in place during vibration, yet they easily snap on and off, offering ready access to the wire run.
  • Mounting holes are designed for installation versatility. Elongated mounting holes allow for changes in panel designs and installation flexibility.
  • Mounting holes are standard. Contact HellermannTyton for duct without mounting holes.
  • Enhanced wire capacity helps maximize space within panels.
  • Interchangeable covers between solid, slotted, and high density slotted styles reduce inventory and increase versatility.
  • Professional appearance increases panel’s overall neatness.

HellermannTyton Pro-Duct Specs 

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