The PROFIBUS Tester 4 is a powerful tool that allows full testing of live PROFIBUS segments with minimum influence on their operation. The tool reliably detects even transient faults that occur only sporadically. Using the integrated master simulator, either the bus can even be tested if the PLC is currently not in operation, or “suspicious” bus devices can be checked individually.

Softing PROFIBUS Tester 4 features:

On connection to a PROFIBUS DP segment, the PROFIBUS Tester 4 automatically detects the baud rate or open circuit voltage.

  • Standard tests with simultaneous analysis of both bus physics and bus communication: Quick test, User-controlled test and Long-term trend.
  • Special features: Master simulator and Topology scan.
  • Expert tests: Frame analysis, Oscillogram analysis and Trigger input/output

Softing PROFIBUS Tester4 Brochure