The new ultrasonic sensor series from Carlo Gavazzi provides superior sensing capabilities at a superior price-performance-ratio.  These sensors are excellent at contactless position and distance measurement detecting any target regardless of its color, transparency or surface.  Because of their resistance to high and low temperatures and immunity against dust, steam and fumes these sensors are well suited for harsh environments.  Due to advanced technology an extended sensing distance is achieved while reducing the sensor housing length with sensing distances from 50 to 3500 mm.

Carlo Gavazzi Ultrasonic Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi UA18/30 Sensors Highlights:

Short blind zone:  The new UA sensors offer a reduced blind zone which improves the mounting flexibility and minimizes the space required for reliable detection.

Easy Teach-in: Sensing modes are easily set by two simple clicks on the teach-in button.

Long sensing distance: The UA sensor family includes a wide range of models covering operational ranges of up to 3500 mm.

Reduced housing length: The new housing has been made even smaller for tight fits and increased space savings.

Harsh environments:  The solid-cast housing is designed and well suited where environmental conditions such as lighting, dust, fumes and steam challenges most traditional sensors.

Ultrasonic Sensor Datasheets

NEW Ultrasonic Sensors Catalog

Ultrasonic Virtual Product Tutorail #1 4-20 mA

Ultrasonic Virtual Product Tutorail #2 – 0-10 VDC

Ultrasonic Virtual Product Tutorail #3 – Dual Switching