Siemens SITOP PSE200U

The Siemens SITOP PSE200U electronic selectivity module available in two models — 0.5 to 3 ampere and 3 to 10 ampere versions — each capable of monitoring four separate 24V DC load circuits. These new modules quickly and reliably recognize overload or short circuit faults on 24V DC circuits and selectively deactivate the faulted path while maintaining supply power to the remaining loads.

With a voltage range of 22V to 30V, the SITOP PSE200U module includes adjustment potentiometers for each circuit with multi-color status LEDs for easy maintenance and individual load troubleshooting. The modules’ innovative technology provides fault detection for both short circuit and current overload conditions without causing nuisance trips from high inrush loads. Typically both fault conditions cannot be accomplished using a standard fuse or circuit breaker.

The module also offers adjustable delay times for sequential output switching, one dry-contact for fault signaling to other connected systems and an input circuit for remote reset from a connected PLC or other controller. Multiple PSE200U modules may also be connected to a single power supply and can be easily installed using its built-in DIN rail mounting clip.

The Sitop PSE200U is certified with industry standard agency approvals including cUL US, CSA, and CE approved.

Whitepaper: Prevent 24 VDC Overloads from Stopping Production

Siemens SITOP PSE200U Brochure

Siemens monitoring 24V DC diagram