Siemens scalance X500

Stucture large automation networks through Siemens SCALANCE X-500 Industrial Ethernet Switches.

With a transmission rate of up to 10 Gbit/s, the SCALANCE X-500 enables integrated networking from the field level up to the management level.  SCALANCE X-500 allows you to choose the connection media, use various redundancy concepts and link your plant network to your corporate IT system.

The two basic units with their different media modules offer maximum network availability and future-proof design – for up to 10 Gpbs.

  • SCALANCE XR528-6M with up to 28 ports
  • SCALANCE XR552-12M with up to 52 Ports


  • Unlimited flexibility in network expansions and modifications thanks to full modularity
  • Reduction of stock-keeping costs for different device types due to fully modular design
  • Easy upgrading of layer 3 functions by means of KEY-PLUG without exchanging the hardware
  • High availability due to redundant power supply, removable medium C-PLUG and redundancy functions

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