Siemens Comfort Panels

Traditionally the rule of thumb was Allen-Bradley™ PLC with an Allen-Bradley™ HMI. Why would anybody use an Allen-Bradley™ PLC with a Siemens HMI? Well more and more companies are doing just that.

Below are the top 10 reasons why:

  1. Comfort Panels commonly offer a considerable cost savings when compared to similar sized HMI products.
  2. The Comfort Panel comes standard with 2 Ethernet ports on 7” models and larger eliminating the need for an additional Ethernet switch for many applications.
  3. Comfort Panels are constructed with a rugged aluminum bezel on models 7” and larger providing additionally strength and quality.
  4. The Comfort Panel trending screen is scalable eliminating the need to develop multiple screens for different scale views.
  5. Widescreen, LED backlight, hi-resolution (e.g. 16 million colors) screen that can be mounted landscape or portrait providing a 40% larger visualization area and absolutely brilliant display.
  6. 0 – 100% dimmable LED backlight for energy efficiency and longer life.
  7. The ability to browse the file structure of the panel via an on-board Web Server is standard. This gives the user quick access to logged data without the need to remove a CF card or USB stick to get access to data resulting in less downtime.
  8. All Comfort Panels are delivered standard with multimedia tools including media player, word/excel/pdf viewers and internet explorer at no extra cost.
  9. Siemens WinCC 11 HMI development software offers the latest technology in programming including vector-based graphics, advanced template functionality, faceplates and the easy import of tags for quick conversions.
  10. A single software development environment from the simplest HMI solutions to SCADA applications providing a high-level of investment protection.

Let us know if you if you have any questions or would like to schedule a Comfort Panel demonstration at your facility.

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