siemens tiastar

Manufacturers in all segments of industry are constantly seeking methods to improve the safety of their workforce. One area of focus is the reduction of hazards associated with arc flash events.

Every year, 175 people in the US are killed due to Arc Flash and 2,000 seriously burned.

Siemens has taken a series of actions to drastically reduce the risk of arc flash. Siemens arc resistant tiastar Motor Control Center significantly reduces risk for workers entering areas with arc flash potential by containing and directing the arc flash incident energy away from personnel and maintaining the unit’s physical integrity.

Benefits at a glance:

• Reinforced enclosure and latching systems
• Internal venting system channels the flow of arc fault gases
• Type 2 accessibility for protection at the front, sides and back
• FULL SIDE SHEET isolates all sections within an MCC to prevent arc faults from propagating

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