Carlo Gavazzi WM30-96

These innovative, three-phase power analyzers offer an upgraded bright LCD display, capable of showing four electrical variables, an energy counter and a power demand indicator all at the same time.

The WM30-96 and WM40-96 are particularly recommended for utility metering, for both imported and exported energy, and provide accurate electrical parameter measurements with 0.2% accuracy (current/voltage) and basic power quality analysis, up to the 32nd harmonic. Additionally, the analyzers can be provided with digital inputs and outputs that can be utilized for interfacing with other utility meters, remote metering, pulse (proportional to the active or reactive energy) and/or alarm outputs. Both meters are available with optional RS232/485, Ethernet and BACNet-IP communication. The WM30-96 meter has optional 2 static, 2 relay or 2 analog outputs, while theWM40-96 offers optional 6 digital inputs, 8 static, 6 relay or 4 analog outputs. In addition, the WM40-96 offers optional single temperature and process control inputs and onboard data storage for data logging.

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